It’s in the Bag…

unfolded bag

I am sure that your grocery store sells cloth bags for carrying home whatever you buy. You can even get a discount in many stores if you use your own, reusable bags rather than the store’s plastic or paper ones. My biggest problem is remembering to take my bags with me when I go to the store.

Here’s a cloth bag that you won’t need to worry about forgetting to take into the store the next time you go. It folds into its own little carrying case, and you can easily tuck it away into almost any size purse or briefcase. So use it, and then tuck it away for your next store visit.

These particular little purple bags are only available at The Good Cooking Store. (And, yes, we do ship.)

  • Margo posted at 10:57 am on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    I really need to get a bag like that. My problem is not remembering my bags, but the sudden unplanned (bargain!) purchase and not wanting to take a plastic bag at the store.

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