OXO Pop Storage Containers


We have a kitchen here at The Good Cooking Store and we try to keep it organized. In order to help with this task, we’ve turned to the OXO Pop Storage Containers. These organizers are sleek in design and cute enough to leave out on our countertops. They also fit neatly in our pantry and are designed to be stackable as well.

We like that these BPA-free containers are transparent so we can quickly see their contents. The locking silicone gasket lid seals in our food’s freshness with just the “pop” of the button on top.

The containers come in all sorts of practical sizes, including those designed specifically to hold a bag of brown sugar, a bag of flour, or a box of spaghetti. Because they’re so affordable we use them to store just about everything in our kitchen.

If you’d like to keep your food fresh and organize your pantry, the OXO Pop Storage Containers are a great solution.

  • irene posted at 3:23 pm on Monday, May 21, 2012

    how do i buy the oxo pop storage.

    • Rebecca posted at 8:09 am on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

      Thank you for your interest in the OXO Pop Storage containers. Let me know which size you’re interested in and I can ship it to you. Thank you!

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