Lodge Grill Press

Lodge Grill Press

Here at the Good Cooking Store, we love multi-tasking gadgets. The cast-iron grill press is one of those items. Paninis, grilled cheese, bacon, steaks, chicken breasts and even more, all benefit from being cooked under this grill press.

We like cast iron because it feels a bit nostalgic, is made of all natural iron, and is super-durable. The reason everyone that has a grill press loves it is because it cuts down on cook time. By placing the press in the skillet or on the grill for a moment prior to the food going in, it allows the press to reach the same temperature as the skillet and will actually help cook both sides of your food evenly at the same time. It has a coiled stay-cool handle to allow for safer handling. It will hold bacon flat as it cooks so it is easier to place on sandwiches after cooking, and it will help you achieve a perfect golden sear on both sides of your steaks.

Whether you are melting some aged cheddar between ciabatta slices or making a picture-perfect cheeseburger, you will fall in love with our made-in-the-USA grill press. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or info@goodcookingstore.com to pick yours up today!

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