Salt Box

Totally Bamboo salt cellar

We care about the environment, so we take notice when companies choose materials that are sustainable and free from harmful chemicals. When we learned more about the company Totally Bamboo, we knew it would be a good fit for our store. Bamboo is sturdy and harder than maple, so bamboo items can last a long time in your kitchen.

Moso Bamboo is what this salt box is made of. It is organically grown, pesticide-free and naturally anti-microbial making it the perfect choice for your spice shelf. Its small magnetic closure is airtight, keeping your salt, or whichever spice you want to keep at your fingertips, fresh. To clean the salt box, wipe it with a damp cloth and periodically wipe it down with Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil to prolong its life.

The clean lines of the salt box will match anyone’s kitchen décor and shortly become your favorite way of adding flavor to your food. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick yours up today!

  • Emily posted at 5:09 pm on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Can i have the dimensions (Size / capacity) of the salt box
    please? Price as well please?

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