The Spill Stopper

Spill Stop - use this one

Who hasn’t suffered the dreaded mess of a boiled-over pot of pasta water? That starchy residue goes all over your stove-top and crusts on your pot, making it a headache to scour.
We have found the simple solution that makes boil-overs a thing of the past—the Spill Stopper.

The Spill Stopper is a food-grade piece of silicone that is safe up to 400°. You use it as a lid or splatter guard over a boiling pot, and it prevents the water from going over the sides.
How does it work? The middle of the lid has flaps that resemble flower petals. They vent the heat but compress the bubbles below the lid. Water and steam are able to escape through these petals. The water collects on the top of the lid, never to run down the sides of your pot and all over your clean stove-top again.

The Spill Stopper is dishwasher-safe and fits pots and pans up to 9” in diameter. Who would have thought such a simple device could solve such nasty messes!

Find out for yourself just how necessary this is for your kitchen. You will never want to boil water without one again after seeing it in action. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick yours up today!

  • Carol Ann posted at 8:13 pm on Tuesday, December 03, 2013

    These are the best thing since sliced bread! Also, flip them over, move the flower to the reverse side and use to vent containers in the microwave. Love these and use continually.

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