Lily Pad Tea Infuser Mug


We are gearing up for the cooler fall evenings with hot tea items at the Good Cooking Store.  We love the newest addition, the Lily Pad Tea Infuser Mug.

It is as practical, eco-friendly, and cute as it gets, folks. It is a beautiful clear glass mug with a silicone coaster attached to the bottom to prevent water rings on your table tops. It has a silicone lily pad shaped lid that covers the mug to allow your tea to stay warm as you sip. It also has a silicone tea ball that attaches to the lily pad lid to allow your loose leaf tea to steep without losing heat. It is perfect for home or the office, and makes a unique gift (only 14 weeks until Christmas!)

We love this item not only because it is beautiful, but because it’s eco-friendly. There is nothing disposable, and it will keep your beverage warm while you sip, so you don’t need to microwave your mug again. It allows you to use loose tea rather than pre-packaged bagged tea, which opens the door to  a wide selection of fun and exciting flavors of teas on the market (and in our store!).

Stop by The Good Cooking Store to check out this beautiful Tea Infuser Mug that sells for $14.99 and take a whiff of our wall of wonderful teas. Or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order some today!

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