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Here at The Good Cooking Store we love baking with Silpat baking mats. Their non-stick, food-grade surface allows for beautiful cookies and candies that release without effort.

Instead of throwing out parchment, use reusable Silpat for your baking needs. It will last for years in your kitchen and is perfect for baking, candy-making, and rolling out pie crusts. Safe up to 500° and BPA free, Silpat is known for its even baking temperatures.

Pick up a Silpat baking mat as a gift this holiday season and for your own baking needs. Use it once—and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it before!

Stop by The Good Cooking Store to get one or more today—for $24.99 each. Or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

PastryPizza Roller

Pizza/Pastry Roller

If you have ever attended a pie crust or pizza dough cooking class at The Good Cooking Store, you will have used this gadget already.

Our double-ended pizza and pastry roller is an item that does the work of a full-sized rolling pin, but is easier to handle. We sell it to nearly everyone that attends a class where it is used because they, too, can see the versatility in such a small, inexpensive tool. The wider end is great for rolling out larger pie or pizza crusts, and the narrower side is for smaller jobs such as small tarts, raviolis, or smoothing out dough that is already placed in a tart or pie pan.

The roller has a stainless steel frame with wooden rollers, lightweight and easy to clean up. So much easier to store than a full sized rolling pin!
A must-have for every baker, so stop in or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick yours up today!

Roll 'Em

Roll Em’ For Christmas Cookie Cutter

Aaaannnnndddd they’re off!!! The race is on to make the most beautiful Christmas cookies ever. You know, the cookies that look like they took zero effort, even though you know you haven’t slept in 38 hours, you’re using your kitchen mop as a crutch to keep you from falling over, and your hair is covered in powdered sugar.

We have a new gadget that will help take the stress level down a few notches. It’s called the Roll ‘Em For Christmas. It’s a device that resembles a rolling pin, with intricate shapes of Christmas trees, angels, and wreaths, to name a few, on the cylinder so you can effortlessly roll the shapes onto your dough in one easy motion. No wasted dough, no sticking, no fuss! Roll out dozens of cookies that are ready for the oven in just minutes.

Easily create cookies so perfect your Holiday guests will ask, “Where did you buy these cookies?” Fake them out and get your own Roll ‘Em For Christmas cookie cutter. Stop by The Good Cooking Store, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

Cup Pie Set

Apple, Pumpkin, Peach or Cherry…Yes Please!

Do you want to make savory chicken pot pies, warm apple pies, and creamy pumpkin pies at home? Pie baking is a breeze with our new Cup Pie Set.

We love to bake here in Lancaster County, especially in the fall. We are in the heart of some of the best apple orchards in the country, and what better way to use this bounty of fruit than to bake pies?

With the Cup Pie Set you will be able to simultaneously bake four personal-sized pies with bake shop- worthy crusts. The two-sided crust cutter creates perfectly-sized tops for your double crust pies.

Since there are four different cups in the tray, you can make four different pies at one time. Two meat pies and two fruit pies equals dinner and dessert together! The best part of it is the lift and serve feature. There’s no more digging out pies from the trays, just beautiful ready-to-eat individual dinners or desserts.

You will be proud to show off your pies when using the Cup Pie Set. Stop by The Good Cooking Store, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

Pie Drip Catcher

Pie Drip Catcher

It is the day that everyone dreads…the annual Olympic event called “Scrub the Oven Day.” No amount of vacuum dead lifts, laundry-basket quarter mile relays, or ironing-board vault exercises can prepare you for the arm strength and limberness needed for the contorted positions you will put yourself into for this job.

We have something that will lessen the mess associated with one of the biggest culprits of oven catastrophes, baking juicy fruit pies. Enter the Pie Drip Catcher by Chicago Metallic!

The Pie Drip Catcher is a round baking tray with a hole in the middle to allow for air circulation and even baking. A silicone ring surrounds the hole in the middle, providing a non-slip grip on the pie that will prevent an even larger potential cataclysmic event. With the pie drip catcher, you can bake beautiful pies and breathe easier, knowing that they won’t add to the mess in your oven.

So turn off the Olympics-themed music and take off the track suit. You won’t need either of them with the Pie Drip Catcher. Stop in today to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!


Pie Pops

We are constantly getting new products in at The Good Cooking Store. It feels a bit like Christmas every time a new product arrives, and we get to try it out for the first time.


3D Cookie Cutters

Christmas is a great time for decorating cookies, don’t you think? The classic gingerbread cookies. Bell-shaped sugar cookies. And kids love to play with the icing colors and edible glitter! We catch their spirit as we scoop up the decorated cookies for exchanges and gifts.

This year, make your festive decorated cookies stand up with Nordicware 3D Holiday cookie cutters! These fun cookies make a great conversation starter at your table. Use them as your centerpiece. . . then pass them for dessert.

Nordicware 3D Holiday cookie cutters are available at The Good Cooking Store and they do ship. Click here for more information.

bread & pan


We have many bakers on our staff, and we carry lots of different baking pans at The Good Cooking Store. Each of us has our own favorites, but most of us prefer USA Pan products.

USA Pan is a line that was initially created for commercial use only. The company now offers pans for the home baker as well. All USA Pan products have a specially designed non-stick coating which is environmentally friendly and free of any dangerous chemicals.

One of our staff recently baked Friendship Bread (a cinnamon, coffee-cake type bread) and brought it in—still in the pan—to show off. The pan’s most unique feature is its fluted surface, which you can see in the pictures. This design allows cakes and breads to bake evenly and then to lift out of the pan very easily.

Chantal with strawberries

Chantal Bakeware

When you serve a meal to guests, of course good food is important. Imperative, even. But that isn’t all it takes to make the experience memorable for them. Part of the experience you give your friends is also how the food looks…how appealing it is.

Chantal is a line of bakeware that we carry at The Good Cooking Store. It is festive, with fun colors and shapes, but very durable and practical as well. We take it straight from oven to tabletop, and the presentation is wonderful! Take a look:

Ateco Decorating Set

Our cooking classes have started here at The Good Cooking Store! ‘Fun with Cupcakes’ took place last week. The participants learned to decorate cupcakes and took home a decorating set from the store.

We did three different designs: a basic swirl, a flower, and the class favorite…a “pie.” Take a look: