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Full Circle Dish Brush

Dish Brush

Help save the planet, one dish at a time. That’s the motivation behind the company that manufactures the Dish Brush. It’s tough on the grease and grime that dinner can leave on your dishes, but is easy on the environment.

The Dish Brush is made of recycled natural bristles, a bamboo handle, and biodegradable plant plastics. Not only is the product natural, the packaging is planet-friendly and the manufacturing plant is sustainable.

The Dish Brush is also a wonderful tool for the kitchen. The bristles are strong enough for your dirty jobs, yet delicate enough for your fine China. It also features a scraper at the top of the brush for those extra-tough jobs.

We love using the Dish Brush in our Cooking School and know you will too. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick yours up today!

Foaming Soap Pump

Foaming Soap Pump

One of our favorite new tools this year is the Foaming Soap Pump. This practical tool is also stylish enough for your countertop.

Just fill the dispenser with liquid soap to the line near the bottom, and then fill it the rest of the way with water. The dispenser will automatically foam the soap, creating a luxurious lather.

The soap pump also saves you money with every pump because you are using less soap. The dispenser is secured to your countertop with a suction cup, so it is even easy to use with one hand.

This curvy dispenser comes in red, green, and chrome to match any kitchen. The Foaming Soap Pump makes a great gift, so stop in today to get yours, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to place an order!



Did you know that by using a peeler on your produce, you are throwing away much of the nutrients and vitamins in that carrot or potato? Digest 50% more of the good stuff you need by using Skrub’a scrubbing gloves instead of a peeler.

We all know that we need to eat our veggies, but the prep can be long and discourage us from eating more of what we should. With our gardens in full bloom and all of us ready for the bounty that comes with summer gardening, get equipped with Skrub’a gloves. These gloves are specially designed for carrots, potatoes, or anything else that needs a scrubbing before eating. You can even clean out the goopy center of your next jack-o-lantern with ease with these textured gloves.

Just rub the produce with the gloves under running water until your veggies are squeaky clean. You have total control since you use both hands to do the job. You have a solid grip to do the work quickly, and you can gauge the pressure needed to clean tough or delicate skins.

Stop in today to pick up a pair of Skrub’a gloves or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!


Loofah Art

A few years ago, someone gave our daughter a little fruit-shaped scrubbie for a Christmas gift. Ever since, she has sworn by these Loofah Art scrubbies and keeps one hooked around her kitchen sink faucet.

dishcloth on sink

Mu Dishcloth

When we opened our Good Cooking Store, we stocked our cooking-class demonstration area with products that we sell. So we’re constantly testing those items to make sure that they work well and that we enjoy using them.

Microfiber towels and dishcloths have become quite popular, so we went searching for good ones. We found a company called “Mu,” based in Minnesota, who makes stylish yet practical cloths. We love their microfiber dishcloths, and we’ve given them a true work-out.