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Switchit Spatula and Spoonula

The Switchit Spatula and Spoonula are two kitchen utensils that you need before the gravy, mashed potato, pie, and cookie season hits. You won’t need much besides these two little gems during the holiday season!

The Switchits are silicone spatulas and spoons that have two differently-sized ends to the utensil to accommodate any task in the kitchen. The larger spatula or spoon side is great for typical kitchen jobs such as scraping, serving, and mixing. Then you “switch-it” to the smaller size end that can be used for spreading icing, scraping the last bit out of a jar, or handling peanut butter for fudge since it does not stick to silicone. You gotta love a two for one deal!
Because they are silicone, you can keep a good grip, even with wet hands, and they will scrape a bowl clean in a second. The Switchits are one solid unit, so no more spatula heads falling off in your cake batter or getting food stuck in tiny crevices. They are dishwasher safe and heat resistant, so you can use them for stirring and sautéing in your non-stick pans or other delicate bake ware.

Stop by The Good Cooking Store to pick up a Switchit Spoonula or Spatula that sells for $9.99. Or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!


Chop Stir

Beef…it’s what’s for dinner, and we have the perfect tool to make browning it a snap. The Chop Stir is a simple tool that will help you break apart clumps of ground meat without scratching your pans or making a mess.

This utensil has a handle with four paddles in the shape of an X on the end that are designed to break apart clumps of meat while it’s browning in the skillet. The paddles are made of a heavy nylon, so it is safe to use over heat while cooking and dishwasher-safe for sanitizing. It can also be used for other tasks in the kitchen, such as mixing up pie crust crumbs, mashing soft fruits, or stirring up drink mixes.

With a simple twist of your wrist, browning beef for taco night is much easier with the Chop Stir! Stop by The Good Cooking Store to check out the Chop Stir that sells for $7.99. Or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!


Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

It is back-to-school time! Is your kid’s lunch box ready to go? Let us help: we have the cutest, reusable sandwich and snack size bags to keep your child’s lunch organized and fun.

These brightly colored bags will be the smartest lunch purchase you make. They will completely replace disposable plastic bags and allow you to buy snacks in bulk sizes instead of the expensive individual serving sizes. These zipper bags are PVC Free, lead free and are easily cleaned by wiping them out with a dishcloth. The lining is made of recycled plastic water bottles, making this a green product on many different levels. This is important to the parents, but the kids only care that they have a cool bag to put their sandwich and crackers in for school.

Who knew going green could be so fun and convenient? The sandwich bags are $5.99 and the snack bags are $4.99. They are also great for “big kids,” too! Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to order yours today!


Dressing Whiz

You can be a whiz at math and science, but did you know you can also be a whiz at salad dressing? It takes no studying or classes at the local community college to earn this label. All you need to do is get the Dressing Whiz.

Somebody already did all the work. All you do is add your favorite ingredients and give it a whiz with the touch of a button. This battery-operated, reusable plastic cruet for salad dressings has a silicone stopper to keep it fresh and convenient measurements embossed on the side so you can measure your ingredients as you go. The genius component is the spinning paddles at the bottom that easily mix oil, vinegar and herbs to perfection. No more shaking up a jar of dressing with the lid flying off accidentally!

Enjoy healthy salad dressings, easily custom-made to your taste. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick up yours today!


Rosebud Finger Grips

We introduced a new line of silicone gadgets a few months ago and it has quickly become one of our top selling brands. The Rosebud Finger Grips are all the rage.

They are fingertip-sized grips made of food-grade silicone that are designed to allow you to easily remove a hot bowl or dish from the microwave without burning yourself or losing grip on the dish. The grips are shaped like a little open flower! They come with a small magnet so the gripper is always attached to the side of your microwave or fridge in close reach. They are BPA free, come in a variety of fun colors and are dishwasher safe. So simple and so necessary for eliminating the ouch-it’s-too-hot dance across the kitchen as you try not to spill the blazing hot cup of tea that you just heated up.

We are saving the fingertips of American cooks, one Rosebud Grip at a time. Get yours by stopping in to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

Squeezy Baster

Squeezy Baster

Nothing is more aggravating than the bristles coming out of your pastry brush onto your freshly baked, golden-brown masterpieces. Keep your baked goods bristle-free and perfectly buttered with the new Squeezy Baster!

The silicone Squeezy Baster is a dishwasher-safe, shed-free brush with a valve that releases juices easily and neatly from the liquid container in the handle. The silicone material resists odors, does not change shape from use over time and disassembles easily for filling and cleaning. It is easily sanitized between uses and so compact it fits into any kitchen space. From grilling to baking, there isn’t any meat or pastry the Squeezy Baster can’t make juicy and flavorful.

Stop in to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

pour spout

Slip on Pour Spout

Who knew that a small piece of silicone could cure headaches? A piece of heat-resistant silicone shaped into a pour spout can be attached to your pot or bowl to help guide your wet or dry ingredients as you pour! No more runs down the side or puddles!

With the Slip on Pour Spout, you will have fewer headaches because your food will go where you tell it to with no messes. The silicone is made of heat resistant material that is safe up to 480°, allowing you to even pour hot water left over from cooking pasta with ease. The dishwasher-safe spout will slip over any thin-lipped bowl, pot, or jar and comes in red, blue, green or gold.

Don’t gamble with gravity; make sure you are properly equipped with the Slip on Pour Spout. Stop in to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

Spill Stop - use this one

The Spill Stopper

Who hasn’t suffered the dreaded mess of a boiled-over pot of pasta water? That starchy residue goes all over your stove-top and crusts on your pot, making it a headache to scour.
We have found the simple solution that makes boil-overs a thing of the past—the Spill Stopper.

The Spill Stopper is a food-grade piece of silicone that is safe up to 400°. You use it as a lid or splatter guard over a boiling pot, and it prevents the water from going over the sides.
How does it work? The middle of the lid has flaps that resemble flower petals. They vent the heat but compress the bubbles below the lid. Water and steam are able to escape through these petals. The water collects on the top of the lid, never to run down the sides of your pot and all over your clean stove-top again.

The Spill Stopper is dishwasher-safe and fits pots and pans up to 9” in diameter. Who would have thought such a simple device could solve such nasty messes!

Find out for yourself just how necessary this is for your kitchen. You will never want to boil water without one again after seeing it in action. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick yours up today!

Dough Press Set

Dough Press Set

Who doesn’t love a good cheesy calzone, or a sweet and gooey cherry turnover? Now you can make your own effortlessly at home with a Dough Press Set!

The Dough Press Set comes with four different sized presses: 3 ¼”, 4”, 5” and 6” giving you the perfect size you need for any recipe. It is made of durable, dishwasher-safe plastic so it is naturally non-stick. You use the back of the presses as the perfectly shaped cutter for either store-bought and handmade dough to make the appropriate size circle. Then take the dough round and lay it on top of the open press, fill it with your choice of ingredients, and close the press to allow the “teeth” to seal the dough pouch securely. Now you are ready to deep fry or bake your creations!

The presses take the guesswork out of cutting your dough and are multiple tools all in one compact set. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick up your set today!

Dice and Pop Cuber

Dice and Pop Cuber

We love our French fries, but, sadly, they really are not good for us. A way to enjoy one of the most popular foods in America healthfully is to make our own and bake, rather than fry, them. An excellent tool for making picture-perfect fries quickly is the Dice and Pop Cuber.

This fun, pint-sized gadget will accurately slice down a whole potato into fries in seconds by using the handles to press the blades down and through the potato in one quick motion. It will also cube just about anything, including potatoes for hash browns! To make cubes, slice your potato into ½” thick pieces and lay it in between the blades and the safety popper. By pressing with the handles, the popper will press the slice of potato through the blades creating small dices of potatoes without ever coming in contact with the blades.

When you are cubing food with the Dice and Pop Cuber, you can use the cup attachment that will catch the cubes keeping your food safe in the container as well as allowing you to measure as you work. The container can hold 1½ cups and comes with a convenient lid for storing your foods for later use.

Your whole family will love creating their own healthy fries and hash browns with just a flick of the wrist. Stop in to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!