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Apron and Oven Mitts

Aprons and Oven Mitts

We’re happy to offer a wide variety of aprons and oven mitts here at The Good Cooking Store! From basic colors and styles to fun prints and unique cuts, we carry sizes for kids and adults. And many styles have matching potholders and oven mitts. In additions to these cotton mitts, we also carry several other lines of oven mitts with great features, such as silicone grips, removable linings, and expandable sleeves.

bamboo towel

Bamboo Kitchen Towel

One afternoon during a particularly messy hands-on cooking class, participants were using our kitchen sink to wash their hands. After using one of our cooking school towels a participant said, “What kind of towel is this?!? I’ve never felt something so soft and absorbent!”

Do you want to know which towel created such a fuss? Harold’s Bamboo Kitchen Towel. It truly is worth all the fuss.

This towel has a unique, soft texture with uncanny absorbency. This 20” X 30” towel comes in three colors: blue, green and red. Environmentally friendly, the towel is comprised of rayon, cotton and bamboo for super absorbency and quick drying abilities.

Stop in today to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

Mu apron

Retro Apron

Do you look like a domestic goddess when you are in the kitchen, or do you resemble someone that could use a few cooking classes? Regardless of your skill in the kitchen, you can look cute doing whatever it is you’re doing (or trying to do!) in a retro apron with detachable hand towel.

This is definitely not your Mother’s apron! With bright modern designs and colors, these aprons intend to catch the eye of a 21st century woman. In the age of multi-tasking and dual-purpose products, this apron is no exception. The skirt of the apron holds a little secret; it has a removable tea towel that looks like a fancy layer to the skirt.

You can prep for your dinner party and make a sloppy mess all over your skirt, and when your guests arrive remove the tea towel portion revealing the clean and sassy apron. Or, if you just are in need of a towel, it’s always close by to dry your hands.

With this apron, you are going to have a little swagger in your step. Stop in today to pick one up, or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!

unfolded bag

It’s in the Bag…

I am sure that your grocery store sells cloth bags for carrying home whatever you buy. You can even get a discount in many stores if you use your own, reusable bags rather than the store’s plastic or paper ones. My biggest problem is remembering to take my bags with me when I go to the store.

Here’s a cloth bag that you won’t need to worry about forgetting to take into the store the next time you go. It folds into its own little carrying case, and you can easily tuck it away into almost any size purse or briefcase. So use it, and then tuck it away for your next store visit.