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Totally Bamboo salt cellar

Salt Box

We care about the environment, so we take notice when companies choose materials that are sustainable and free from harmful chemicals. When we learned more about the company Totally Bamboo, we knew it would be a good fit for our store. Bamboo is sturdy and harder than maple, so bamboo items can last a long time in your kitchen.

Moso Bamboo is what this salt box is made of. It is organically grown, pesticide-free and naturally anti-microbial making it the perfect choice for your spice shelf. Its small magnetic closure is airtight, keeping your salt, or whichever spice you want to keep at your fingertips, fresh. To clean the salt box, wipe it with a damp cloth and periodically wipe it down with Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil to prolong its life.

The clean lines of the salt box will match anyone’s kitchen décor and shortly become your favorite way of adding flavor to your food. Stop in, or contact us at (877) 525-7745 or to pick yours up today!

Snack Attack

Snack Attack

Who doesn’t love snacks? We sure do! When gearing up for bathing suit weather, we start thinking about healthier choices when we snack. We just got in a new line of food storage items called the Apple & Dip To-Go and the Carrot & Dip To-Go. These containers will help you tote around your healthy snack neatly and in an eco- friendly fashion.

The Apple & Dip container has two compartments. The top portion houses the apple, either sliced or whole, and the bottom portion holds endless possibilities in dips, such as peanut butter, cream cheese, hummus, caramel, or even honey. The dip container has a seal to keep your food fresh and is completely separate from the apple compartment making sure the apple stays fresh and crisp until you are ready to snack. The carrot container is much like the apple container—there’s a separate compartment for dips, and the top part holds two handfuls of baby carrots.

We love these containers because they are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and are easier on the environment than disposable plastic bags. They’re made of hard plastic so your apples won’t get bumped and bruised in your lunch bag. Whether it is for the office, school, or travel, these Apple & Carrot To-Go containers will help you meet your healthy eating goals this summer!


Progressive Party Carriers

Summer means parties, picnics, and potlucks. Are you ready for these events?

You can gear up for your summer by picking up one of Progressive’s party carriers. True to their company name, Progressive is innovative when it comes to storage solutions.

They’ve designed their party carriers to collapse flat for easy storage when not in use, and to pop up to nearly double their size to hold your favorite cupcakes, sheet cakes, deviled eggs, or veggie tray assortments. The list of foods you can effortlessly transport in these convenient carriers is endless.

There are three different designs to choose from, and each has a specific duty in mind. The smallest of the trio can hold 2 pies or 24 deviled eggs, the medium one holds 24 cupcakes or a tall layered cake or dessert, and the largest has a veggie tray divider insert, or flip it over for a flat surface for a half sheet cake. The two smaller sizes have a second tier tray so you can transport twice the number of treats without squishing the icing.

Stop in today to pick up a party carrier or contact us at 877-525-7745 or to order yours today!


OXO Pop Storage Containers

We have a kitchen here at The Good Cooking Store and we try to keep it organized. In order to help with this task, we’ve turned to the OXO Pop Storage Containers. These organizers are sleek in design and cute enough to leave out on our countertops. They also fit neatly in our pantry and are designed to be stackable as well.

We like that these BPA-free containers are transparent so we can quickly see their contents. The locking silicone gasket lid seals in our food’s freshness with just the “pop” of the button on top.

The containers come in all sorts of practical sizes, including those designed specifically to hold a bag of brown sugar, a bag of flour, or a box of spaghetti. Because they’re so affordable we use them to store just about everything in our kitchen.

If you’d like to keep your food fresh and organize your pantry, the OXO Pop Storage Containers are a great solution.